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Professional video productions

There are many moving moments in terms of music or for image building purposes.
Important visual events of the present should be recorded on film and / or photographically for the future?
The solution: STALLUDIO - the film & photo studio in the heart of the Palatinate!

Are there any technical details about the STALLUDIO?
The recording room, the actual STALLUDIO,
has a tiled floor space of 5 x 5 meters and a height of 2.5 meters that can be used for filming and taking photos.

The wall to be filmed is hung by default with a black molton curtain on the 5-meter room-wide performance area.
From there, the left and right side parts are also covered with 3.5 meters each.
The floor can optionally be covered with an available black carpet, which then enables a completely black backdrop.

Behind the room-wide Molton suspension is a flat green screen wall painted in RAL 6018.
This can be booked as an option and is connected to the floor via a mobile coving with a green carpet and matching green fabric.
This enables full-body green screen recordings under the best conditions.

The playback sound is provided by a Dynacord PowerMate 600 Power Mixer,
which allows all technical possibilities of playing sounds.

The film recordings are recorded in an Ultra HD 6K resolution
and the resulting production is carried out in Ultra HD 4K resolution.
The daylight illumination is predominantly with LED technology and realized with a small part of spiral lamp technology.

Impressive tracking shots can also be made with the MiniJib camera, a camera crane boom.
From the very bottom to the very top, from left to right with a swing or in slow motion...
The camera assembly is moved around the room as required, with a view of the object of desire.

The film equipment also includes a camera slider, which allows the camera lens to slide manually and motorized over the rails.
And a camera car, a so-called dolly, completes the moving equipment.
It allows gentle journeys of the entire camera environment including the tripod over a specially built rail system.

A comprehensive 1-point truss system on the ceiling ensures the use of many light sources
and, if necessary, effect devices, without restricting the artists' action space when shooting.

The following rooms are available on the 120 m² barn area...
Heatable rooms:
a) The recording room (STALLUDIO)
b) The lounge (MONKEY-BAR)
Unheated rooms:
d) The large barn room for the temporary storage of the packed belt equipment before it is set up in the reception room.
e) In the covered outdoor area there are also seating options when the temperature is moderate in season.

Who is behind this?
Bernd Schwab, a creative head from Römerberg (Palatinate), with a wide range of videos and photos.
Specifically specializing in the production of music videos and more.

Geographic focus
Practically anywhere. The studio is located in Rhineland-Palatinate, so everyone interested is cordially invited.

Bernd Schwab has been working as an autodidact with the video medium since the early 1990s.
What began with analog video tapes evolved from digital SDTV technology,
further to HD video formats to the current Ultra HD video format, which is shot in 6K and produced in 4K.
In 2007, work began with multi-camera editing, which has been used with ever-growing enthusiasm ever since.
Over the years, more and more music videos were made and the demand for productions grew,
so that a small business was registered in May 2015.

What distinguishes the STALLUDIO?
The STALLUDIO offers video productions in very high quality and the will to make everything feasible feasible.
Seamless support, creative ideas, outstanding technology and, last but not least, fair prices are offered.

Yes, how much does something like that cost when we are talking about prices?
All productions are in the 4-digit range from the base price.
Every project has its own requirements.
A cheap video can be created with little effort or a very high-quality video with great effort.
Effects, locations, effort, content and the like influence the price.
The need for an artist or band is recorded in a personal conversation,
in order to be able to submit a non-binding offer.

Today's music lover and consumer is no longer inspired by music or lyrics alone,
but is also interested in a concise, quickly comprehensible video production.

Being in the STALLUDIO customer base means being in good hands!
Whether ideas, impulses, script suggestions... Don't hesitate. Just ask!
In the imprint and in the networks linked above you will find all the possibilities for direct contact with the STALLUDIO.
The easiest way is via email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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